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Backup & Restore Policy and best practices

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No backup solution is 100% reliable for all situations. As such, 3Essentials strongly encourages all of it’s customers (shared hosting and dedicated/virtual servers) to maintain local copies (on their own systems) of their site for backup/recovery purposes.  It's also strongly recommended to observe this golden rule of managing web application changes:

  • DO NOT PUBLISH A CHANGE TO YOUR SITE if you don't have a local copy of your previous/current site code to roll back to. (i.e., an unchanged copy of your site files to republish in order to un-do the changed files you just published).
3Essentials strongly recommends that before customers make changes to their site, they ensure they have a local copy of their functional site. Then, make your changes, test, and publish. If you have undesired results, restore/republish from the unchanged copy you made before your changes. This is a standard best-practice for site development and deployment. Prepare yourself to rollback your changes before you make the changes.
If you do not have a local copy of your site, use FTP to download your site files, and submit a support request to 3Essentials requesting we make a backup of your database for you to download as well.  You can request this by submitting a Support ticket - be sure to specify if you have MSSQL or MySQL database, and what the db name is.  We'll place a backup (either MSSQL .bak or MySQL .sql file) into your (ftproot)/private folder and update you it's ready for your download. 
The following describes 3Essentials backup/restoration services and policies for Shared Hosting Plans:
  • 3Essentials performs nightly system backups including customer data.
  • This data is retained for 7 calendar days. 
  • These backups are performed to be used by 3Essentials to restore system and customer data in the event of a hardware failure or other recovery scenario, and to meet customer backup/restore needs.  This is not a guaranteed service.  3Essentials does NOT guarantee these backup services will always be able to provide restorations of customer files/data.
  • Customers can request file(s) restore by simply submit a Support ticket.  The support team will review our backups and notify you of what is available.  In most cases, we can restore any of your site files going 7 days back from the current date, however 3Essentials does NOT guarantee these backup services will always be able to provide restorations of customer files/data.
  • MSQL databases: nightly MSSQL Server backups are taken for all MSSQL databases, and are retained for 7 days. 3Essentials will restore MSSQL dbs from these backups, and can provide these backups to customers at their request. Please submit a Support ticket with your request, and the backup files will be placed in your site directory for you to download via FTP. 
  • Please see the following article for more details on database backup/restore policies: Customer database (MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access) Backup & Restore policy
  • When you request a restore, in general we do not restore the files directly to your site to prevent accidental overwriting of files.  Instead, we restore them offline to a storage area, then ZIP those files, and place into your (ftproot)/private folder for you to download to your system, extract on your own system, and then use those files to republish to your site as you need to meet your restore/recovery needs.


The following describes 3Essentials backup/restoration services for Dedicated Server and VPS plans:
  • Backups are not included by default with Managed servers nor Unmanaged servers. 
  • Your available backup/restore options will vary based on the options you purchased with your plan.  If you have questions regarding what you purchased, please submit a ticket to Billing requesting clarification (  Or, if you are interested in adding backup options to your dedicated server hosting, please submit an inquiry for options and pricing to Sales (
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