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You're attempting to use 3Essentials Secure Database Admin, which allows you to connect from your desktop to our MSSQL or MySQL servers by way of a tunneled connection, and you're receiving the following error when your tunneling client (usually Tunnelier) makes the connection:  SSH_OPEN_ADMINISTRATIVELY_PROHIBITED

The error SSH_OPEN_ADMINISTRATIVELY_PROHIBITED indicates that the SSH server received the connection, but refuses to do the requested port forwarding for one of two possible reasons:
  1. the user has appropriate permissions, but they are trying to port forward to a DESTINATION IP address or PORT that is not allowed.  For example, in their C2S Forwarding tab, you may have accidentally set forwarding for mysql to forward to DESTINATION port 3360... and of course, it is supposed to be 3306.  For security, the SSHD server will only allow forwarding to approved DESTINATION ports of 3306 (for MySQL) and 1433 (for MSSQL), and to approved DESINTATION IP addresses (the IPs will vary based on what hosting server your account is on).   If you are unable to identify the problem, please submit a support request specifying the error you are receiving, and your settings in your Tunnelier C2S Forwarding tab, and the support team can identify the problem for you OR they can create a Tunnelier profile for you and send it to you. 
  2. the user account used for the SSH connection does not have necessary permissions for the requested access... Access for this feature has to be set up in advance for you to use it.  If you didn't request access, or if suspect it wasn't appropriately set up, please submit a support request with the exact error your receiving, and you can reference this article in your submission. 

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