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CRM Applications: SugarCRM and vTigerCRM

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Question:  Does 3Essentials recommend any specific CRM applications compatible with their Shared or Managed Dedicated/Virtual server hosting services?

Answer: 3Essentials has not specifically tested any CRM applications, nor can we specifically recommend a CRM application.  In general, if our hosting offering meets the technical requirements for the CRM application, it should work fine with very few exceptions. 

We did receive the following feedback from a long-time 3Essentials customer who tested some CRM applications on his 3essentials 10 domain shared hosting plan, and generously offered to share his experience:
... on my experience installing and using SugarCRM and vTigerCRM on my Domain10 Plan... I can tell you there was no problem installing both, as they are installed through the browser and both are ready for shared-hosting. Regarding the performance, I did the test with less than 20 users, and no problem at all.  No special assistance was required from your staff.  Shortly after, I moved them to a dedicated server. Currently I have two CRMs running on my box, and no issue at all with the performance. I can not say about the behaviour with heavy traffic, but considering I have the MySQL database running on the same box, and it takes 80% of my RAM - special conf for heavy queries - I think no problem should arise. I tested and use both source and stacked distributions. Finally, I opted for the community vTiger version 5.04 for Windows, Apache (2.0) + MySQL(5.0.24) + PHP5 ( + SSL (the latter for Gmail module).  Hope it helps.
Thanks for the feedback, Max!
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