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Using mput and mget

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mput and mget commands are FTP commands that may not be familiar to some FTP users, but they can be used in a command line FTP client to upload (mput) or download (mget) multiple files from an FTP server. 

So instead of:

put file1.html
put file2.html
put file3.html

You can:

mput *


mput *.html

When using mput, ftp normally asks you before transferring each file. If you're transferring lots of files, this can get
very tedious, and is time consuming... to avoid this, you need to launch the command line in non-interactive mode, which you must do at the start of the FTP session, like this:

ftp -i

instead of:


Note that this works for Windows command line FTP, and for most unix flavors of ftp.
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