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How do I transfer a domain name registration to 3Essentials?

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  • How do I transfer a domain name registration to 3Essentials?
  • To transfer a domain to 3Essentials under your name, you'll need to follow this process:
    • go to and click the link for TRANSFER AN EXISTING DOMAIN NAME... which will take you to our domain registration/transfer pages.
    • There you'll find instructions on purchasing a domain transfer, which is $8.99 and includes 1 year of domain registration.  You'll need to purchase a domain transfer for each domain you wish to transfer. During that process, you'll be asked if you're ALREADY A CUSTOMER? ... this doesn't mean hosting, it means domain registration (our domain registration and hosting services are completely separate).  So if:
      • you have any domains currently registered with us, use the LOG IN option to log in using your domain registration customer number and info from your previous domain registration, IF you want this new registration/transfer to be accessible/manageable under the same domain registration customer information.
      • you do NOT currently have any domains registered with us, just use the default options presented there to CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT as you purchase that domain transfer. 
    • The website will lead you through the remainder of the process. 
  • Some important pointers for newbies:
    • This is sometimes referred to simply as TRANSFERRING A DOMAIN, but that's a bit of a misnomer.  You're actually TRANSFERRING A DOMAIN REGISTRATION from one domain registration provider to another.
    • It's also important to remember that a transfer of your transfer of your domain registration doesn't transfer your actual website files and/or email... or more specifically, your HOSTING services.... because domain registration and hosting are two separate pieces.  For more information on this, see this article: Understanding terms: Domain Registration, Domain Hosting, Domain Transfer and Domain Delegation
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