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Securing and Protecting Mailing Lists - Windows

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Securing and Protecting Mailing Lists - WindowsThis article applies to Windows Shared Hosting Plans only.

By default when you create a mailing list in the PLESK control panel, anyone can reply to the mailing list and post emails to the list as well.  You may wish to secure the list to prevent unwanted replies to the mailing list.

For example, if a member of your mailing list has their email set to auto-reply to emails they receive then this will result in a possible end-less loop of emails being sent to your mailing list.

To prevent this, Open a ticket with support and request that your Mailing List be set to moderated.  Moderated mailing lists means each post has to be approved by a mailing list owner.

You can also have your mailing lists password protected, so that to post to a list you must provide a password.

Reply options:  You can have replies sent to the posters email address or to the moderators address list as an additional sercurity measure.  By default anyone can post to the list.

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