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This article discusses how users can subscribe/unsubscribe to mailing lists on your domain.  Please note, the instructions vary slightly depending on which server you are hosted on, as we have different mail servers, which have slight variations in the mailing list command implementation.

For customers on our servers using Plesk with SmarterMail (web12, web14, web16,web18, web20, web22):

Users can automatically subscribe/unsubscribe to your list by sending an email to  (where = your domain name) with one of the following COMMANDS in the body of the email messsage (the subject is ignored): 



Where... yourlist = your list's name, and = your actual domain name.

Important note for SmarterMail mailing list users... the SmarterMail help documentation lists the email address for the command server as: However, Plesk actually sets this to a different value by default. The address set by Plesk is actually Emails sent to the STServ address will generate no action and result in no changes to mailing list configuration/subscriptions.

NOTE: Web18 customers who do not have the mailinglist feature listed under your control panel, can submit a support request

to have it enabled

For customers on our servers using Plesk with MailEnable (web4, web6, web8, web10):

Users can automatically subscribe/unsubscribe to yoru list by sending an email to the list email address ( with the word SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject of the email (the body of the message is ignored)... Note that yourlist = your list's name, and = your actual domain name.

For your convenience, we've also provided a web page you can use for customers to subscribe/unsubscribe... the attached download is for the MailEnable Mailing Lists only, and only on WEB8 and WEB10(MailEnable Enterprise versions).  The page simply generates and sends the properly formatted email request for subscribe/unsubscribe on behalf of the user.  To use: 

  1. Download the associated download file. 
  2. Edit the file and set the sMailingList variable to your mailing list email address
  3. Save the file and upload it your your web server
  4. Now users can visit that web page and subscribe and unsubscribe to your mailing list.  Users will receive a confirmation email informing them they successfully subscribed or unsubscribed to your mailing list.



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