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3Essentials Now Offering Remote Online Desktop Backup Service

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3Essentials is now offering a remote online backup solution for home and small business users.  We offer two backup solutions:

Remote Desktop Backups
With our remote desktop backup plans you can backup your home or office Windows Desktop with our free backup client, or use your own backup client (perfect for linux or mac users) and upload your backups to our servers. Our backup client creates a mirror copy of files on your Windows desktop and then uploads them to our server for safe storage. AES 256 bit encryption is supported so your files are safe and only you can view the content of your data.

Server Backups
When you purchase a server plan from 3Essentials, protect your data with a server backup plan. A free Windows backup client that supports Full, Differential and Incremental backups is included with all server backup plans. Linux customers can use BASH scripts to backup their data. All plans utilize the easy to use FTP protocol, so you can use your own backup client as well.

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