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Adding wildcard DNS record

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  • I'm looking to configure my website so that will land the visitor on my site (, i.e., or  How do I do this?


  • For Plesk users:
    • Some versions of plesk support this, and some will require us to create the record for you.  To determine if your version supports it, simply attempt to create the record in the Plesk DNS area for the domain in question, specifying * for the hostname.  For example, *, and set it to resolve the IP address you wish.  if you receive an error when creating it, contact support and we'll create it for you manually.   
  • For cPanel users:
    • Simply add a subdomain like you would any other subdomain in the cPanel interface, except make your subdomain * (as if to show on the screen: *, and leave the document root field empty... cpanel will automatically populate it with your domain's website root, which will look like this, after you save the change:
Subdomains Root Domain Document Root Redirection Actions
* /public_html not redirected Manage Redirection Remove
othersubdomain /public_html/othersubdomain not redirected Manage Redirection Remove

Note that our example here also shows another subdomain (called "othersubdomain"), which is configured to point to a subfolder... so with this configuration:

  • will serve the same content as and, the files in /public_html
  • will serve the content that's stored in /public_html/othersubdomain

If you are expecting * to then load your website, a wildcard DNS record alone will not do it.  All a wildcard DNS record will do is resolve to whatever IP address you specify.  So for example, if I went to, it would resolve to some IP address, and if that was the same IP address where the website for was hosted, the HTTP request would indeed get sent to it.  But the webserver wouldn't find a site for "", so it would serve the default site on the server instead of your site...

There's no way to put a hostheader on your site that would answer to *", unless your site has a unique IP address (and all sites on our SHARED and MANAGED servers use a "shared" IP address, one IP address serving many sites.    So this leaves you with two options:

option A) you could make the site answer to by adding as a DOMAIN ALIAS to that results in a host header for being added to  But with this approach, it means you have to specify every option for "ANYTHING" in as a domain alias before it would function.  That works fine IF you had a finite list of combinations you intended to function as.  

option B) if you truly wanted, for any infinite selection of ANYTHING to resolve to without having to pre-specify the ANYTHING's as domain aliases, then you'd need to switch your site to a dedicated IP address. When we do that, then we can configure your site to answer to any HTTP request that comes into that IP.  That, combined with the wildcard DNS record, makes your site respond to any possible combination of  There is an additional charge for dedicated IP - please contact our sales/billing team for options/pricing.

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