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Can I host my site with 3Essentials if I'm in Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia?

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3Essentials is a U.S. based company with datacenters in Raleigh, NC and Dallas, TX.  Our hosting services were designed for U.S. based customers, however we have many customers from South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as a few from Australia.   Many of these customers choose 3Essentials because even though they are located on other continents, the majority of their visitors are in the U.S.  Or, they may choose 3Essentials because there are no hosting providers in their country that match the price and features offered by 3Essentials. 

For the most part, our overseas customers are pleased with the performance they experience in accessing their sites from other continents, however 3Essentials would like to ensure that our potential customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia are aware of the following information:

  • Our services have not been optimized to provide high performance content delivery to those continents:  Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia.
  • Internet data paths across the ocean are more limited in bandwidth than those traditionally on land, and as such, performance of file transfers, web web page load times, etc.  may be affected, and are beyond the control of 3Essentials.   
  • For potential customers in the noted continents who are considering migrating site(s) to our services, we strongly recommend you take the following approach:
    • sign up for hosting with us for 1 domain (you can upgrade plans at any time, no fee to upgrade).
    • publish a portion of your site that represents the most complex portion of your site (whether that is lots of images, or database driven content).
    • test accessing your site on our servers by updating your local hosts file to point your domain name to our servers.
    • test accessing our utilities like the control panel and webmail.
    • evaluate these test results to determine if the performance and experience meets your expectations and needs.
  • 3Essentials will not investigate network connectivity or performance related issues for customers (or their visitors) who are connecting to our services from outside of the North American continent.

If you find performance to your location does not meet your needs/expectations, we will gladly honor our 45 day money back guarantee, and would refer you to a hosting provider designed to deliver services to your part of the globe.  These are typically hosting providers with a hosting presence (datacenter) geographically located to provide appropriate performance to your area of the globe. 

The following link provides a map of the global submarine telecommunications links, and helps visualize the intercontinental traversal a given request may have to take.


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