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3Essentials ASP.NET MVC hosting support

SHARED HOSTING Win2008/II7 Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes*
SHARED HOSTING Win2003/IIS6 Yes ~ ~ No  
SHARED HOSTING Win2012/IIS8*       Yes* Yes*
MANAGED Servers Win2008/IIS7 Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes*
MANAGED Servers Win2003/IIS6 Yes Yes Yes Yes*  
MANAGED Servers Win2012/IIS8*       Yes* Yes*

Yes: On Win2008/IIS7, no special configuration is required.

Yes: On Win2003/IIS6, there is a configuration change required on on your site on the server side to make this available.  Simply submit a support request referencing this kb article, and ask our support team to add script mappings necessary to support MVC.  Please note, you need to specify whether of the following configuration you prefer:

  • .MVC file mapping only: script map JUST the .mvc extension to the 2.0 dll, which will result in JUST requests for .mvc files to be routed through
  • Wildcard mapping: a wildcard script mapping to the 2.0 dll.  With the wildcard script mapping, ALL requests will be routed through (which means if you have other file extension types as part of your site, you need to have set up appropriate http handlers for them.  

Yes: For our MANAGED SERVER customers (virtual and dedicated servers), all combinations of MVC support are available, however all MVC components may not have been deployed to your server unless specifically requested.  Please contact our support team stating your requirements for MVC version(s), and one of technicians will review your specific server. 

~:  MVC2 is not currently deployed to our Win2003/IIS6 Shared Hosting platform, but we may do so depending on interest.  If you are using our Win2003/IIS6 based hosting, and need MVC2, please contact our support team. 

*: Starting with MVC4 all MVC applications when created with visual studio 2012 are bin deployable. This means that the application when pushed to the server contains all of the MVC dependencies in the bin. As such no global server install is required. Visual Studio 2008/2010 requires a special process to create MVC applications that are bin deployable that process can be found here:



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