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How-To: Change My FTP Password

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Question: How do I change my FTP user or password? or I forgot my FTP password!


FIRST, we recommend you review the following article regarding best practices on passwords.  To date, we still see customers setting uncomplex, common passwords (like "password1"), which is just bad security.

See the Knowledgebase article Security Best Practices: Passwords

The process for updating your FTP password will vary slightly, depending on which control panel is installed on your server:


For Plesk Control Panel Users v11.x: and v12.x

  • Login to your control panel
  • Once logged into your control panel, you will need to select the domain under which the FTP ID exists.
    • Shared hosting customers and some Managed server customers will see a list of domains or subscriptions. Click the appropriate domain to see the list of options available for that domain.
    • Some Managed Servers used  Plesk's concept of a "webspace". If that is the case on your server, the domain will be under a webspace. If you have multiuple webspaces, go to the webspace tab and select the webspace in which the domain exists. You will want to use the Switch to webspace link to the right.
  • Under the Websites & Domains section, select Show More

  • Select FTP Access

  • Here you can select the FTP ID and edit its name and password.
  • Type the password twice. There is an indicator letting you know the password is weak or strong or even very strong. Please ensure you are using a strong or very strong password.
  • Hit the OK button.
  • You have now successfully changed your FTP password.


For Plesk Control Panel Users v7.x - 9.x:

  • Login to your control panel
  • Once logged into your control panel, the page is divided into two basic panes.
    • the left pane is the navigation pane
    • the right pane will display what has been selected by you in the left navigation pane
  • in the left navigation pane, click HOME... this will cause the right pane to list all of your domains under that hosting plan.  The HOME icon may not be present on all plans, and if it is not, just skip this step.
  • In the right pane, click on the domain for which you wish to change the FTP password... this will list all of the controls/settings/options for that domain. 
  • click on the SETUP icon or on later versions of the Control Panel it is labeled Web Hosting Settings... this takes you to a screen that lists the HOSTING SETUP for that domain. 
  • On this HOSTING SETUP page, you will see a long list of hosting setup options.. do not make changes to any of them (unless you are familiar with those options), except the following:
    • New FTP/Microsoft FrontPage password: (ENTER YOUR NEW PASSWORD HERE)
  • NOTE: The password is limited to 13 characters. The field may accept more than 13 characters but the control panel will only save the first 13 characters.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this HOSTING SETUP page, and click OK. 
  • You have now successfully changed your FTP password.


For cPanel users:

  • Login to your CPanel Control Panel
  • Click the FTP Accounts button
  • Find the FTP account, then select "Change Password"
  • Enter the new password twice
  • Click the Change Password button.
  • You have now successfully changed your FTP password


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